WordPress Maintenance Adelaide

Have peace of mind knowing your website is watched over by a WordPress expert. With over 10 years in the business we have the confidence to ensure your website stays online, is safe from hackers and performs its best.

Wordpress is a bit of a moving target, with new functionality, features and security fixes released regularly. Things get tricky when you have multiple plugins and services installed. Sometimes updating all these parts yourself can cause the website to break. On top of this, hackers constantly try to gain control to fill up your server or send spam from your email address. You can leave all these worries to our team, who deal with this every day.

Wordpress maintenance covers a lot of ground. We update Wordpress and plugins to the latest versions, setup regular backups and perform security scans and audits. We also run through your website to ensure the updates havent broken anything or caused any issues. We provide a report outlining what was done and give you a snapshot of the current health of your website.

Keep your WordPress website safe and secure

You have a business to run and don’t have time secure your website.  Our WordPress maintenance plans is like having your own website technician watching over your website for you.  We live and breathe WordPress and have the experience to ensure it continues to run well and what to do in case of an issue.


Ensure your website is up to date with the latest security updates. This is essential to patch known vulnerabilities and to add new features and optimizations.


Have peace of mind knowing a snapshot of your website is saved regulary. If something catastrophic happens, you we can always restore from that image.


Security scans are routinely run on your website to check for viruses, attack attempts and other vulnerabilities.  In the event of an issue, our team is notified so we can act accordingly.


You will receive monthly reports showing the maintenance work performed on your website. This shows what updates were performed, issues fixed, and any potential issues identified


We can check certain metrics to ensure your website is performing optimally or recommend what should be done if not.


We perform general optimization housekeeping inside your WordPress website. This includes removing comment spam, database optimization, removing unused users, plugins and themes and updating server side components such.

Contact us to discuss the best maintenance plan for you

Economy plan
  • Monthly Core updates
  • Monthly plugin updates
  • Monthly theme updates
  • Weekly backups
  • Remove commnet spam
  • Security scan
  • Maintenance report
Enterprise plan
per month
  • Weekly Core Updates
  • Weekly Plugin Updates
  • Weekly Theme Updates
  • Weekly Optimisation
  • Nightly Backups
  • Daily Security monitor
  • Uptime monitor
  • Maintenance report