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Brand Transmission is simplifying the client-marketer partnership. Because, we create, think, work, plan and share… alongside clients. What we know, you know. What you know, we know. It’s energy, insights, experience and imagination… squared. From strategy to concept to activation. Across Web, SEO, Social, Outbound and AdWords. Two-way trust takes productivity to a whole new level. To more than just another website or SEO strategy… where good becomes clever. Welcome to business collaboration that changes everything.

Simply, transparently and seriously effectively.

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About us

Are we a team who loves to solve business challenges and seeing our clients succeed? Hell, yes. But we go deeper.
We believe the value of directly collaborating and humanising the client-marketer relationship, will add to your success.
The better we know each other, and totally ‘get’ the strategy, insight, creative and execution, the clearer the answer becomes.
When we click with clients on this level, great happens.
If you want quick, cheap marketing? Here’s Google.
If you want your brand’s growth to be taken very seriously, here’s your edge: combined intellects producing strategically targeted creative.

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Our Services

There’s instinct and gut feel. There’s what you think and what we think. Then, there’s reality. That is our strategic Services approach.
Market-research generated insights, through talking to real, living, breathing, buying clients.
Because, then we all know three critical facts: Who your potential customers are, what want from you… and why.
Across Website, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Google AdWords.
The better we understand them, the clearer your key messaging becomes along with identifying the media channels where they’re waiting for us.
Every project. Every brief. Every step. Every piece of communication. 
Everything, simpler, clearer and more effective.

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Wordpress Maintenance

You have a business to run and don't have time maintain and secure your WordPress website.  Our WordPress maintenance plans is like having your own website technician watching over your website for you.  We live and breathe WordPress and have the experience to ensure it continues to run well and what to do in case of an issue. For more information, please view our Wordpress Maintenance page


You’ve climbed SEO’s Everest and reached the summit at Page 1. 
Well, that’s only half of the journey. 
Are you getting the traffic to your website?
Are those leads turning into enquiries?
How many enquiries are converting into sales?
The SEO challenge goes on, well after the big Google climb. And that’s where you’ll need us.
Our Search specialists will work with you, shoulder to shoulder, understanding your business, goals and customers to keep you up there, while keeping your leads, calls, sales and your ROI, climbing higher. And reaching more.

Social Media Marketing

Yes, you can do your own Social Media. Many companies do. Most of these brands are busy posting content every week and some, every day. 
For every company that wants a social media presence, but hasn’t got the resources…
for every brand that wants their social media to generate connections, leads and traffic…
and for every business that sees the value in a ROI-focused, Content Strategy…
Brand Transmission stands, ready to help.

Google Adwords

Your SEO page ranking and your connected traffic is one thing.
Adding the vital marketing that attracts and engages new customers that need you right now is quite another.
The reason our approach to AdWords and PPC (Pay per Click) cuts through is simple. We take the algorithms, optimized data and keywords… and humanise it.
We prefer talking with someone when we get a call. Treating your customers the same way will make a huge difference. You’ll make a sale… and a friend.


Contact Us

Are you ready to dramatically scale up your marketing? 
If you’re ready to actually collaborate with your marketing agency rather than just ‘have’ one… we’re ready to welcome you in to the Brand Transmission fold. Let’s talk.